It works like this. Microsoft provides an option to purchase Vista online, After payment, the customer is given a download link which enables them to directly download Windows Vista from Microsoft server. (in fact MS uses a 3rd party software distributor to host the file; DigitalRiver) These download links have been leaked to the web and anyone can paste the links in a download manager or a web browser to begin the download of an original. It’s the 32bit-Vista version (Ultimate/Business/Home depending on what serial number you use, of course). Full-Version (not an upgrade).

There are 3 files required for download: (following is the download links)


Size: 2.52Gb
1. After u complete ur download, u SHOULD have this 3 files.
2. Now run the “X13-49120” file, the following window should appear:

3. Once fully extracted the setup will begin.
4. Now simply close the installer. In the directory that the three files were there will now be a folder called “Vista"

5. The folder is 2.52 Gb. Open the folder and the following files will be found:
These links are working as of now and obviously MS will remove them when they notice high traffic.
So go get ’em ASAP!
Now lets make a bootable DVD of your vista software:

At the very beginning, download a program called CDImage (you may use the search engine such as Google)

next follow these instructions:

Extract and place cdimage.exe (place only the exe file, dont create a folder) in your root drive (same drive where you put the files in step 1).

1.Open command prompt. (Start Menu–>Run –>cmd.exe . Press Enter)

2.In command prompt navigate to C:\ drive (assuming C is your root drive). If you dont know how to do this, type ‘C:’ (without quotes) in command prompt and press enter. Then type ‘cd\’ (without quotes) and press enter once more.

3. Type the following command exactly as displayed below, in command prompt.

"Cdimage -m -u2 -bC:\Vista\boot\ C:\Vista C:\Vistax86.iso" (without quotes)
(Remember: there is no space between -b and C)
Command prompt will display the progress of Image creation.

4. Once it shows 100% complete, you will see a new file created in the C drive (Vistax86.iso) This is a Vista Ultimate Upgrade bootable image.

5. Burn the newly created image using an image burner (Nero, PowerISO etc). Make sure you burn it using the ‘burn image’ or ‘disk image or saved project (in Nero)’ option in your Burner app. Burning the iso file to a single using normal burn wont work.

6. Once the image is created, you can safely delete boot.wim, install.wim, X13-49120.exe files, Vista Directory (created in step 2), cdimage.exe file and Vistax86.iso files from your root drive.

You can now use the newly created bootable DVD to install Vista Ultimate Upgrade.