Hey Guys,

I’d like to introduce two useful tools to creat Sprite Sheet. And both tools can be run on MAC and PC.

The first one is called SWFSheet (http://bit.ly/hrwXZH). As you can see from the name, it load the SWF file and you could save it into a single Sprite Sheet file or multiple files with common formats supported(jpg, png…). That is, you could create your animation with tools which could export the file as SWF, then use this tool to get your sprite sheet. In addition, it support animation preview which you will see in your game.


The other one is called Sprite Sheet Maker (http://bit.ly/hU52x3), with it you could load multiple graphic files and arrange them in sequence you want and then save into a sprite sheet.png file. But the limitation of it is currently it just supports importing png files.

Please enjoy!