I got this error just recently when i tried to use the instrument to profile my iPad application on the device. And when i selected “Profile” from the menu, and instrument was opened. Then i selected “Allocations” or “Leaks”, i just heard “Funk” and then nothing happened. So i checked out the Console and found out some errors about missing plug-ins for these selected functions. So bascially, it’s because some plug-in in your Xcode application folder was missing or crrupt. So better remove Xcode completely through Command line “sudo /Developer/Library/uninstall-devtools --mode=all“,then reinstall it. You should be good to go.  

Then when i rerun my app with instrument i received another error which was the topic of this post. After searching a little bit. It’s actually very easy to fix.

1.Make sure, the “Profile” scheme is using “debug” not “release” build configuration

Here is the way how to change it: In Xcode4, select “Product/Edit Scheme” from the top menu then click on the “Profile” button on the left panel. Under the “Info” tab you will see “Build configuration”, make sure “Debug” is selected.


2.This error would pop out also if you test your app with a “distribution profile” selected for your app, so make sure choose “Development” provisioning file in code-sign settings.

Then enjoy testing with your instrument.