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Chi Qi

Biography & Professional Skills


Master of Science (University of Southern California)    Major: Computer Science

GPA: 3.6/4.0          Date of Graduation: 05/2011

Bachelor of Science (Xidian University in China)           Major: Computer Science

GPA: 3.1/4.0          Date of Graduation: 07/2007

Personal Website:

Visualized me:


  • Good at Objective-C and iPhone programming with Xcode on MAC
  • Good at Cocos2d game engine
  • Good at UDK game programming
  • Good at C/C++ programming with Visual Studio 2010
  • Familiar with XML, JSON Framework, Facebook, Twitter API

Work Experience

[11/2011 ~ nowApp Ant Studios (mobile platform) – (Software Engineer)

Mobile social game development

First released title on Android:

Dino Life:


[05/2011 ~ now]Lead Engineer and Co-founder at New Quill

Working on an iPad ebook reader and creator which supports creating epub format book from scratch on iPad. Basically, users could use drag and drop to grab multimedia contents from their iPhoto, iTunes, iPod library and mix with the text. And then publish as epub.

[03/2011 ~ now]Intern at

Working on an 2D iPhone game based on Cocos2d.

[03/2011 ~ 05/2011]Intern at THQ

Working on an 2D iPhone game based on Cocos2d.

[09/2010 ~ 03/2011]Intern at

LSAT practice (iPhone Application) – Independent project

Objective: Put the entire exam paper on iPhone and do the statistical analysis when user finishes it to help user make better improvements.

This app is used to participate in USC student Innovator showcase 2010 and highlighted on the website.

[03/2010 ~ 08/2010]Intern at

I. 06/2010~07/2010     SBAxxess (iPhone Application) – Independent project

itunes link:

Objective: Help user especially in Santa Babara to locate restaurants nearby, and get relevant information of them such as menu, contact info and directions.

II. 04/2010~06/2010 GTL (iPhone Application) – Independent project

itunes link:

Objective: Allow user to use GPS to locate nearby Gym, Tan, Laundry and sort them by distance. The outstanding feature is our fan wall. User could see the posts on facebook fanwall or post to the wall with photos taken anywhere and share with people around the world.

Academic Experience


Academic projects I participated in:

11/20/2010~11/20/2010         Connect 4 (iPhone game) – one day independent project

Objective: The test from an iPhone social game company. They asked me to finish this popular traditional mini game on iPhone within a day.

Built upon Cocos2d game engine. Player could play with opponent or computer.

09/2010~now          Paradox Shift (PC game) – Team project




Objective: Create a 3D first person puzzle game with Unreal Engine. Let user go from one spot to the other though conquering all the possible obstacles by switching the game scene between two time periods instantly.

06/2010~now New Quill (iPad book engine) – Team project (Lead Programmer)


1st place of CRUNCH Design Challenge under Annenberg Innovation Lab of USC

Objective: New Quill is a mobile application that facilitates user interaction with texts in a multimedia environment. The application’s tool kit brings together audio, video, music, art, and language translation, enabling readers to engage with classic literature by inserting their original content into existing e-pub documents. New Quill is the first-ever cross-platform tool kit that transforms readers into creators.

03/2010~05/2010     AGG (Air Guitar God – iPhone Game Project ) – Team project

Research Purpose: Make this iPhone project to support real time music analysis.

This game is pretty much like Guitar Hero, however the feature of it is that we can use the music from iPod library, then do analysis to get the rhythm, notes and segment which are used to generate button for tapping in real time.

01/2010~05/2010 Dodge Flight (iPhone Game Project) – Team project

itunes link:


Research Purpose: Create a complete iPhone game with open source game engine cocos2D. Control the flight with built-in accelerometer and avoid being hit by the bullets, rocks and other objects on the screen which are generated with time schedule.

08/2009~12/2009      Port OGRE from PC to iPhone

Research Purpose: Make Ogre to run on iPhone and build a demo with it.

Past Work Experience

07/2007~08/2008               TWO IT-Services GmbH (Guangzhou,China)

Junior Software Developer

Projects I participated in:

I. 06/2008~08/2008 Dot Net Platform

Objective: WPF of Visual Studio 2008 .NET was used to re-package the original controls in order to improve visual effect as well as humanized operation

II. 10/2007~03/2008     CBS (Complete Bathroom Solution)

Objective: The third party engine was used to develop the CAD software for building design, which could support various renderers to shoot panorama as well as dynamically observe the images through the location of multiple cameras or using a moving camera which track is set up through choosing the points with mice randomly.

III. 09/2007~10/2007     Albums Classification Management System

Research Purpose: Various controls of MFC were used to develop disc classified management system with automatic saving. Mainly learning to use STL

IV. 08/2007~09/2007     Polish Natation Calculator

Research Purpose: A calculator that can display every step of calculation with polish notation, which supports redo and undo function. Mainly learning to use different kinds of design pattern.


【06/06/2011~ 06/10/2011Took part in Apple WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) 2011 in SF.

【01/01/2011~ 04/01/2011Crunch Design Challenge by Annenberg Innovation Lab of USC

1st place of the category of Future of Ebooks.


【11/14/2010New Venture Seed Competition

【10/01/20102010 USC Student Innovator Showcase and Competition (one of the finalists)

My profile shows up on the website of stevens department.


【10/04/2010Volunteer of IndieCade (International Festival of Independent Games)

Please download my resume here: Chi Qi’s resume


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